Ambulance Hire

Fire Plant Australia (FPA) are specialists in the hire of ambulances. We can also arrange sales via Ambulances For Sale at Fire Trucks Australia.

Whether due to expansion projects, identified increased risks, special projects or due to the maintenance, repairs or replacement of your current fire truck, FPA offers a large selection of specialist ambulances for hire to all Government Agencies, Mining, Manufacturing and Industrial sectors.

With a growing number of organisations responsible for their workers safety & protection, FPA can assist in a custom solution to suit your needs, be it short term ambulance hire to cover a breakdown or long term hire of a special purpose vehicle designed specifically to suit your individual needs, FPA can provide an alternative solution to costly capital outlays.

Ambulances are offered on a Dry Hire basis to trained operators. Alternatively we specialise in offering our clients a complete service solution, that includes professional qualified paramedics and associated emergency first aid equipment.

Contact Fire Plant Australia now for a custom solution to your ambulance hire needs.

At present we have no ambulances to hire.